June 4, 2012

Great news!

The past two months I have been working on several projects, in hopes of winning a scholarship for IED Torino's Transportation Design program. Turns out I was lucky enough to actually win one! Many thanks to IED and Auto&Design for making this possible. My entry:


  1. Haha dude! That is freaking awesome :D. Congratulations! I was also thinking about entering, but never got around to do so. But man you deserve it, great job on the sketches and presentation! Can't wait to hear about it, now I am jealous!!!

    Now you have to learn Italian right?

  2. Proficiat, en ook helemaal verdiend, prachtige schetsen en presentatie, veel succes in Itaië en niet vergeten te posten

  3. Excellent !!...Well Done. Best to you Bro !

  4. Thanks guys!

    @ Martin: Luckily the first year is in English and includes a course to learn Italian :P. Keep an eye on this blog for updates!